Flighty Dreams

In the open sky,

Birds flying with dreams,

Above the ocean of heart,

Birds swaying in stream,

Oh! Do they know,

Where shall they go?

Now that the wings are open,

And sight says: it seems we have woken up now,

Leaving behind all the worries,

We have come ahead of them,

Life is flowing like wind,

What ever may come,

Let it be.




Who knows,

Where shall they go?

When someone touches their soul,

They roam around with fragrance of it,

Lost somewhere in new happenings,

Tantalized they seem to be,

And hearts exchanged in moments,

What ever may be!


Stricken by ablaze,

The light of life,

Such a charm raining in path,

With beatific haze,

Liveliness rained upon path,

Now they have learnt to dwell.

I recall yesterday,

When that moment came,

With that magic,

They became pristine again.

How was that yesterday!

But humming ahead,

What ever may be!

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