Rising in Darkness

Tonight rising in darkness,
Somber and starless,
Where is the moon light ?
Clouds sailing in midnight blue,
devoid of hope and clue !
Drowning in wretchedness,
Like a Satan riding !
The ghostly whisper of leaves,
Yarning it’s story to wind.
Voidness prevailing,
No owl or bat on tree,
Night rising in darkness.

The night of saturnine,
And every thing falling in muteness,
Fearing the night,
Endless darkness until closed eyes.
Trying to figure a single beam,
But loosing the self in darkness of dream.
This journey brings us to new world,
Leaving behind old happenings,
And carrying ahead new lessons,
Where we know about people,
And about life.
Painful scars you get,
Breaks you through darkness,
The past is erased ,
Belonging to no one but me,
Sinking into distortions,
Tonight rising in darkness.

Dawn breaks with golden glint,
Emerging from silence of night,
Into happiness, peace and beautiful sight.
Birds singing a welcome note,
It’s a new day , it’s a new life,
Leaving the old behind in forgetfulness.
To make this life worthwhile,
Face off mind,
Deeper than the darkest night,
Break through the night,
Rising in darkness.

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