Day And Night

Days turning to nights,

And whole day talking about you,

My heart fills with sigh,

Day and night.

When will it end!

When will this distance get distant!

Each day trailing the path,

And days turning to nights.

Let’s get beneath the sheet of night,

Behind the clouds,

Not even the moon’s foot step appear.

Walking slowly ,

Let’s melt down,

May the midnight not pass.




Early morning sunshine,

That imprints your face,

Bitter cold in flame,

See me through the shelter of your hands.

Let day never drown,

Or let evening never end.

Without you this wind insane,

Filled my scarf with your scent,

Come and nestle me ,

Just like the wind,

My heart fills with sigh,

Day and night.


Lying in grass ,

And freshly fallen leaves,

You are the shades of nature,

All seven are same.

Your pure laughter,

Like diving in sky,

Let’s wander in this blue dye.

As brilliant thoughts pass through your mind,

In exchange of one laughter,

Take this earth of mine.

As days turning to nights,

Being apart is so tough,

And my heart fills with sigh.

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