The Beautiful You

Beauty is not an attribute meant for a few, it’s a crown that anyone can claim. But for that you need to tap into your hidden inner potential. Not all are born with a silver spoon to have a prince charming kiss awake their beautiful selves. Some need to make efforts to nudge the beauty within. That goes for men too. Each one of us has the potential to be beautiful and attractive, if we only know how. Like all good things in life, of course, this too requires effort but once you find your inner beauty; your life turns upside down and gets amazing..

The most important thing is to love yourself. Beauty lies in the eyes but not just in the eyes of beholder. We‘ve to learn to love our own self. We never appreciate what we posses. We are actually harsh on ourselves but the world looks at us with more generous eyes . Figure out your strengths and be proud of them. Work on your strengths. A trick to look beautiful is to feel beautiful. For example, if your eyes are your best feature, define them to be eloquent; if it’s your clear skin then let it shine your confidence through. In short take advantage of your gifts.
Be aware and add up to your knowledge. Everyone is attracted to a well-informed man or woman. Intelligence, awareness and good conversational skills impart confidence which is very attractive. It is important to keep sharpening your mind through mind games like Sudoku, chess or crossword puzzles. Just being good looking is no ticket to personal or professional success if you have a vacuous mind.
Stay healthy and fit. Taking good care of your body is a part of loving yourself. Worship your body as a temple. Health imparts unique glow that is youthful. Start a workout regimen, 3-5 days in a week see a miraculous change in yourself.
Connect to your inner self. A peaceful face and relaxed mind imparts a glow that no beauty product can mimic. This kind of contentment only comes when you are all sorted inside out. Make time to move away from chaos and sit alone. Listen to your inner voice. As you deal one by one with the issues that worry you, you will feel peace and happiness seeping through. A confident body adds inches to your height. Stay happy and positive. Positivity will put a twinkle in your eyes, a spring in your step and a light on your face. Make time for yourself. From soaking in a bubble bath to music to meditation to writing to books to TV to a massage to yoga; these are our little rewards. Do not underestimate these little indulgences. These help you to rejuvenate and recharge yourself.
The world loves a happy person. Stay upbeat and positive; it acts like a magnetic field that helps to draw happy stuff towards you.
Smile and the world will come asking you what keeps you happy!

One thought on “The Beautiful You

  1. Inspiring Lines! So beautifully Written! Heart Touching! LOVE YOURSELF & the energy & positive feeling that comes from inside can u feel like a champion & U can do anything!


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